To Be Honest, I Never Thought About The Troops

I wasn’t against the Military.  I just thought of it as another big government institution.  Granted, a heavily armed big government institution, but still…I had no personal connection. Back in 2009, I had only a vague sense of what “peace keeping” in Afghanistan or Iraq meant, either for the men and women doing it or for their families at home.

Then one random event led me to adopt a Soldier.  And everything changed. I made a difference for him and his family.  I saw how our lives were connected. That inspired me to do a little more.

Along the way, I’ve done that “little more” for over 800 Troops. This blog is about what I learned.  It will include the good, bad, funny and sometimes heartbreaking.  But it will always be honest.  And I have two hopes:

1.  This helps others who want to support the Troops.

2.  This gives people like me (well, the old me) who never really thought about the Troops, a reason to feel connected.  To care.  And to help close the divide between civilian and military.

That’s my Mission.  Thanks for giving me a chance to accomplish it.


© Gina left the mall, 2012

7 thoughts on “To Be Honest, I Never Thought About The Troops

  1. Wow . . . you managed to help over 800 troops. That is outstanding!!! Looking forward to the read, thanks so much for sharing, as well as getting to see you again this month. Call me when you have the time. Peace & Love, Michelle (Shellie B)

  2. Everything you have done for us and all of the other soldiers makes me think about people that don’t get enough support and gratitude. I use to get frustrated when our mail would come late but then I realized our poor mail man is out all day in the heat, rain, or cold while I impatiently wait in my climate controlled house. So I got him a small gift and left him a thank you card, something I probably would not have thought about doing if it wasn’t for you in the back of my mind 😉

    • Heather, it was an honor and a pleasure to do those things for you and the others. I now understand what the Deployed go through and the families as well. You know, only 1% of the population Serves. In the busyness of everyday life, sometimes that Service is forgotten. Like the everyday efforts of your mailman. But whether it’s the battlefront or the homefront, a little appreciation goes a long way. And paying a kindness forward because of me….well, that’s about the best compliment I could get. Thank you!

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