It sounds funny to say “thank you” for…

the hugs un-hugged and bedtime stories unread,

for the school plays you didn’t attend,

for not changing the oil,

for skipping date night and taco night,

for not playing with the dog,

for every single everyday moment you’ve missed with your family and every single moment they’ve missed you right back.

Troops stand in harm’s way on holidays and all days to protect those they love as well as the millions of us they will never meet. They raised their hands to serve and this is their job. But the families sacrifice as well. They’re in this together.  And when we understand and appreciate what they endure, we’re in it together too.

© Gina left the mall, 2012

11 thoughts on “It sounds funny to say “thank you” for…

    • Thank you! I realized from talking to troops that along with the challenge of whatever their mission or job is, there is also this everyday impact that involves the whole family. I thought…I get to put my daughter to bed in safety because they are not putting their child to bed tonight. They give up a lot. And not only am I grateful for that, it makes me appreciate my everyday moments even more.

  1. I’ve missed several Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with my family. I can’t describe how much harder they are alone when you’re thinking of little hugs and big smiles. Thank you for thinking of those service members who are alone this day of thanks.

    • I shared it with a troop before I posted and asked him what he thought. It did tug at this heart as he reflected on these moments. So I asked him, “should I not post it?” And he asked me to please post it. He appreciated that I knew what his sacrifice entailed and recognized his family’s role. He said having that part understood makes the words “thank you for your service” mean even more.

  2. What fullness of life comes to those who live with the intensity of each day being the only one that counts. No one has a guarantee of any more than that, but the presumption deludes the protected. There is a debt, far greater than financial, owed by the people of this country…we stand on sacred ground. It has been purchased by blood. We owe a continued liberty to reign in this Republic for the descendants of those who paid the price in blood, death, or tears. . .a nation’s promise is carried by its veterans and is delivered by the way we treat them.

    • Your note is powerful and beautiful and true. Our “nation’s promise is carried by its veterans and is delivered by the way we treat them.” We are in this together. My goal is to do what I can to help more people realize that.

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