Thinking About Hooters

One of my soldiers is a big fan of Hooters—the restaurant famous for its waitstaff of beautiful women in short shorts and low-cut tank tops. I went there once. It was many years ago on a business trip at my first job. I was part of a junior team and our boss took us there for lunch. He really enjoyed the atmosphere and that made this work lunch a little awkward. Hooters didn’t cross my mind much after that. But when it did, that’s the one word that popped in my head—awkward.

Then one day, I started getting lots of suggestions from Facebook that I become friendly with Hooters. I thought that was random and odd until I found out that the soldier I mentioned was connecting with every Hooters restaurant he found. Since he and I are Facebook friends, his likes came my way. Mystery solved! Then I didn’t think about Hooters again, or his love of it, until two years later in Prague.

Prague style

Prague is a jewel of a city and the capital of the Czech Republic. The architecture is so beautiful and in such good condition, it looks fake—like the Disney production team came in and set up Europe-Town. I was there for work and, as I walked along the cobblestone streets, I felt lucky that I got to see this part of the world. Below are a few pics I took and why, amongst these historic buildings, Hooters leapt to mind.




Prague4When I saw this poster I immediately texted my soldier who was a fan. He wrote back right away that he wanted me to go there and, if possible, please pick up a t-shirt. If I were standing in front of the restaurant, I would have. But I didn’t have a lot of free time to go find this place. Plus I have no sense of direction. My personal-GPS fails are epic. So the t-shirt wasn’t happening and that was the end of it. Until two and a half years later when Hooters crossed my mind again. Which brings us to last week.


I was traveling (apparently I never think of Hooters at home) and had the chance to visit the USO with an Airman at the Raleigh Durham Airport in North Carolina. (FYI-the USO is staffed with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.) As I was leaving, I noticed a 2014 Hooters Girls calendar with a thank-you note attached to it.

The note on the calendar.

The note on the calendar.

I thought of how much my soldier would love it!! Then a sweet, grandfatherly, USO volunteer noticed me noticing and asked me if I wanted it for a servicemember. I said yes and I asked him if he had a bag I could put it in. He did not.

I stood there. On one hand, I had my awkward Hooters moment and no real desire to walk through the airport with this not-subtle oversized calendar. On the other hand, I knew that my soldier would be very, very happy to receive this. I decided happiness trumped awkwardness and carried the calendar on the plane with me.

I guess I’m due to run into Hooters again, mentally or otherwise, in another two years. What will I think of first? The lunch? My soldier? I have no idea. But I am certain that at this moment, I’m grateful that Hooters helped me make my soldier smile.

© Gina left the mall, 2014

10 thoughts on “Thinking About Hooters

  1. It is very funny that you posted this. Last week I was in San Diego with my wife and another couple for her job and we went in to Hooter’s for a beer and some snack food. I was the only one of the 4 of us that had ever been in Hooter’s before. I had my picture taken with our waitress because my wife jokingly said that “I should make new friends.” As we sat there and talked to the waitress, she had a masters degree in psychology and was getting ready to go back to school for her doctorate. I think that it shocked my wife. She was working this as her second job to pay off college bills just before returning to school.
    P.S. Thanks for not allowing your awkwardness to win. I am sure your soldier loved it

    • I’m happy you had a good time and got to make a new friend 🙂 Your server sounds impressive. Like this young woman and many people, I paid for my own education so I truly appreciate the hard work that takes. My soldier will receive the calendar soon. He is soooo excited, lol. I’m glad I put his happiness first too!

  2. Gina, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Prague. it seems to be the new cultural center of Europe. And to think they have a Hooters there too! Incredible! I’m sure your soldier will be delighted by your gift and the beautiful thoughtfulness behind it.

    • Thanks! He was very happy when I sent him pictures of the front & back cover so…I think the entire calendar will be a big hit. And yes, as an American, it is when I travel to other countries that I am reminded how young our country is.

    • It was funny. If I was going to come across an “American restaurant” I thought it would be Mc Donald’s (I found that too). Not sure about the airline but am certain, you’re right about the calendar 🙂

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